Respiratory clinics

Our respiratory nurse Sarah Merry holds clinics every Tuesday & Thursday afternoon for patients with respiratory problems, including Asthma & COPD.   Advice from the practice nurses or GPs may be obtained at any time by appointment or by telephone.


Diabetes clincs

Charlotte Bailey is the practice diabetes nurse, and all patients suffering from diabetes are invited to attend for regular reviews at her clinic, which runs every Tuesday morning.  Advice from the practice nurses or GPs may be obtained at any time by appointment or by telephone.  


Cervical cytology

Cervical smears are usually arranged with a practice nurse.  Clinics are run each Monday to Wednesday afternoons, but appointments can be made at other times if this is not convenient.  In conjunction with the Somerset PCT we operate a computerised system to call women between the ages of 24 and 49 for a smear every three years and women between 50 and 64 every five years.


Child health

Assessment, and advice is carried out by both doctors and health visitors.  The key checks are as follows:

  • 6 weeks Developmental check with the doctor.
  • 6 to 9 months Developmental assessment and hearing rest with your health visitor.

Your health visitor will advise you about further routine checks.


Child immunisations

Clinics for school-leavers, pre-school children and babies are currently held on the afternoon of the 3rd Thursday on each month.

You will receive notification of an appointment direct from the health authority.  Please bring with you to the appointment your Personal Child Health Record (red booklet), your appointment card and your signed consent form.

If you are unable to keep the appointment please let reception know in good time beforehand.

Further information is shown on the Immunisations page.

Up to date information on child and other immunisations is also available at the website.


Counselling service

Our in-house counselling service is provided by Somerset Emotional Health & Wellbeing Service.  If you need the services of a counsellor please discuss this with your doctor.


Family planning

We offer a complete service during routine appointments with your doctor.  This includes arranging for the fitting of intra-uterine contraceptive devices.

Emergency and confidential advice is available at all times.


Foreign travel

We are able to arrange most vaccinations required for foreign travel. Please consult the practice sufficiently early. Some travel vaccinations and disease prophylaxis is not free of charge under the NHS.  Please contact the surgery for a list of up-to-date fees.

We need at least six weeks' notice prior to departure in order to allow an appropriate interval between vaccinations if needed, and ensure that you are offered appropriate advice.

Please note that although many travel vaccinations are available from the surgery, some drugs such as for malaria prophylaxis have to be purchased by the patient from a pharmacist (some on a private prescription).

Our practice nurses will give advice where required.

See the Holiday travel page.


Health promotion

Various members of the primary health care team are involved in aspects of health promotion.

Topics covered Include:

  • stopping smoking advice
  • dietary advice
  • sexual health
  • mental health
  • advice on alcohol consumption
  • accident prevention
  • exercise
  • skin cancer prevention


Influenza & pneumococcal immunisations

A flu vaccination programme is undertaken between October and December each year. Patients aged 65 or over or those of any age suffering from a chronic condition such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, or immmunosuppression are encouraged to attend for an annual vaccination.

Flu clinics will be advertised nearer the time and invitations sent out where appropriate. Special arrangements are made for those in nursing or long-stay residential homes.

Pneumococcal immunisation is recommended for children as part of the routine childhood immunisation schedule. A single dose is also recommended for adults aged 65 and over. Pneumococcal immunisation is also recommended for children and adults of any age who have certain diseases that put them at risk, e.g., asplenia or splenic dysfunction.



Doctors see patients for antenatal care during normal surgery appointment times.

An antenatal clinic is held by the midwifes regularly. Please contact reception for details and leaflet.

Postnatal and 6 week baby checks are carried out by the GPs at the surgery.


Minor surgery

Our treatment room is fully equipped for minor procedures carried out under a local anaesthetic. Your own doctor will arrange minor surgery for you if required.


Other services

The practice also provides the following:

  • Anti-coagulation monitoring (warfarin dose monitoring)
  • Near patient testing (drug monitoring by blood testing)


Sexually transmitted infections

Genita-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics provide free testing & treatment. These are held at:

Musgrove Park Hospital:

  • Taunton (Appointments) : 01823 252222
  • Health Advisor : 01823 332182

Yeovil District Hospital :

  • Yeovil (Appointments) : 01935 384382
  • Health Advisor : 01935 384705

Bath Royal United Hospital:

  • Bath (Appointments) : 01225 824617
  • Health Advisor : 01225 824558

Ask at reception for a copy of the Sex Directory-giving full details of all sexual health services in Somerset.


Test results

Staff are able to advise you whether a result is normal or whether you should consult your doctor.

Please telephone reception between 2:00pm and 4:00pm for results.

All laboratory tests results are dealt with in strictest confidence. Please note; it is the patient's responsibility to ring in for or follow up their results.

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