Foreign travel

We are able to arrange most vaccinations required for foreign travel. Please consult the practice sufficiently early.

We usually need at least six weeks prior to departure to allow an appropriate interval between vaccinations if needed, and ensure that you are offered appropriate advice.

Please note that, although most travel vaccinations are available from the surgery, some drugs such as for malaria prophylaxis have to be purchased by the patient from a pharmacist (some on a private prescription). Please note that not all vaccinations including drugs for prophylaxis of infections when travelling are not free of charge on the NHS.

See this list of up-to-date fees and a timetable for vaccinations.

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Please ask reception for the current charges when you book your visit.

Our practice nurses will give advice where required.


Travel questionnaire

You can save time by downloading and completing the holiday vaccination questionnaire

  1. Phone and make an appointment with the nurse

  2. Simply download holiday questionnaire in one of the following formats:

    Travel Questionnaire in Microsoft Word format

    Travel Questionnaire in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

  3. Print off the page.

  4. Complete and bring to your travel appointment with the nurse at the surgery.


Useful websites (click to visit)

Fit for Travel - a public access website provided by the NHS (Scotland). It gives travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK

Foreign and Commenwealth Office

NHS Immunisation - the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate source of information on vaccines, disease and immunisation in the UK.


Private commercial services

Patients requiring travel immunisations at less than six weeks notice are advised to check with the surgery whether a short notice appointment is available but must be prepared to contact one of the organisations currently providing a private commercial service if we cannot meet your requirement in time:

Bristol Travel Clinic
MASTA Travel Clinic, 14 Overnhill Road, Staple Hill
Avon BS16 5DN
Tel: 0117 975 5500

Nomad Travel Clinic
43 Queens Drive, Clifton Bristol
Tel: 0117 922 6567

Lisson Grove Medical Centre
3 -5 Lisson Grove, Mutley
Devon PL4 7DL
Tel: 01752 205 556

Summary: We normally require six weeks notice for travel immunisations. If you are unable to give six weeks notice you may wish to check whether we have a short notice cancellation but should be prepared to arrange your immunisations through a private clinic if no appointment is available.

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